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Let me start by saying this: Apparently I was asked ot do this about a week ago and I totally missed it due to another bout of inactivity. So, now that's out of the way, I'll get on with this little thing Mitch has tagged me in.

1) Confess things that you are okay with confessing--they may be funny, or personal, or sad, or happy; just some things.
2) This is an excuse to talk about yourself; do it, do it!
3) Mention the person who tagged you; I'm sure they're interested in what you have to say.
4) Try confessing more than 3 things.
5) Tag your friends, like, 2 friends. Maybe even three friends.

It seems to be all about confession. If you really wanna hear me confess stuff, I'll do it. Why not?

Happy(?) confessions
  1. Though I often suggest otherwise, I normally (intentionally) avoid killing PCs in my Rogue Trader games. In a crude but effective manner, I have had enemies switch focus when they 'believe' someone is dead. This has saved 4 lives.
  3. I had given up on the world of fictional literature until I came across Fallout: Equestria - the sheer complexity of the piece and it's delightful characters not only reinforced my outlook on ponies, but it also kickstarted my return to literature - prompting me to read the Horus Heresy series.
  5. Nothing makes me happier than the end of my Rogue Trader sessions. A couple of my players thank me for running hte session and others praise me on the events that took place, often leading to 3 hour long discussions wherein I hint at what might happen next or help fill in on any questions someone has. Seriously, that stuff genuinely makes me smile.

Depressing confessions
  1. I legitimately don't believe I'm deserving of life. It's one of my little beliefs that nobody deserves the right to live, they all earn it. Everyone has a purpose, even if it's the smallest little thing. Even if it's just t be the antagonist. I don't think I truly have a purpose.
  3. With the exception of doctor's appointments, I haven't left the house in 6 weeks. Things have gotten to the stage where I'm genuinely fearful of social interaction. And I don't know why. The worst part is, everyone 'understands' - the college has given me time off and my doctors have declared me too sick to work. Frankly, I think all that's pretty BS.
  5. I resent the fact that my American friends don't have access to the same medical care and attention I'm receiving. It's not fair and it's not right. They are far more deserving of help than I am. They are far better people.
  7. I don't celebrate Christmas and birthdays, to me they're just average days that have no reason to be special.

Random confessions

  1. I own 5 copies of Fallout 3
  3. I've always wanted to learn to draw digitally, but I've never worked up the motivation/time to learn and practice.
  5. To date, I can safely say I have spent well over £3000 on Warhammer 40,000
  7. I despise Windows 8. I honestly think it's an enormous step back from what Windows 7 achieved (I cannot wait for the release of Windows 10, it's every 8 should have been).
  9. I have a secret bottlecap collection, consisting of ONLY Coca-Cola bottlecaps. I currently have 32 caps. (Bring on the Wasteland, I can afford a potato.)

Now, I know what you're thinking. So let me stop you there. Are these really confessions? Hell. I don't know. Some of them might be. I think some of them might just be random facts about me. Oh well.

Oh, before I finish this there are some bonus super secret confessions that you can ask for. Ones that I will most likely not publish to a journal or a comment thread. Feel free to ask for them if you're up for it. But for some of you, it might change your outlook towards me.

And no, I'm not gonna tag people. I'm not really about that, so this chain ends here.
  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Demons - Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons
  • Watching: Airplane!
  • Playing: Rogue Trader
  • Eating: Barbeque Pizza
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper


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Mark Imrie
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Fife, Scotland.
Favourite style of art: Sci-Fi, apocalyptic
Favourite cartoon character: Luna (mlp), Vinyl Scratch (mlp), Spitfire (mlp), Rick (R&M)
Personal Quote: "Ave Deus Imperator, heretic."


The pack is all that matters. The pack is family. The pack is friends. The pack is community. The pack is unity.

It is all I have ever hoped for, to belong to the pack. Or perhaps even start my own. It's a farfetched dream, but we all dream.

I have tried to forget that dream, tried to belong elsewhere - the humans, they appear accepting and open, but they deceive and lie. The pack is more open, less concealed, less confusing. I have tried to learn their tongue, but the sounds feel wrong, every sound is made with such strange motions (how do the humans move their tongues in that manner?). Nothing can conceal the disparities. Nothing can distill the urge to hunt.

I belong with the pack. But there is no pack for me. My hide is tainted. My eyes are poisoned. None will have me. But I must have a pack. I must belong.

I have heard the humans speak of a daring venture to far off lands. New territory. New grounds. New packs... They are looking for those who will join them. They need numbers. I can belong there, with the expedition. I am strong, I am fast, I can prove my worth.

I will find my pack.
[IC SCRAP]20 minute backstory elaboration
Something I wrote up in 20 minutes when I was bored waiting for the doctor. Nothing too fancy, just a little In-Character perspective of Kayla Sylvie and her goals. I dunno.

Take it as it is.
(Only really intended for the eyes of Mitch, since he runs Scratch and he's the only one who could understand this conversation.)

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